Mandale na zamówienie

For a special, individual order I create glass Mandalas.

I set the performance of Mandala individually. I make Mandalas with diameters: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 70cm. The price depends on the diameter and design. Please place your orders by e-mail

Calming down: Mandala is created in a state of meditation calm-down. Only then you can notice and understand what symbols, shapes and colours harmonize with particular emotions, features or ideas and how you can express them in the best possible way.

Individual orders: Each Mandala is created on an individual basis. It is filled with positive vibrations. Depending on a receiver’s needs, Mandalas have this unusual Power that helps to solve problems and it brings everlasting happiness, love, success and prosperity to the owner of Mandala.

Creation: The very first 30 minutes of work with Mandala start with trying to be in the shoes of a person for whom Mandala is created – work with candles lit, in a proper state of meditation - I imagine that person’s situation and I try to feel that person. I need the person’s name, surname and a birth date to achieve all of that. I appreciate when we get some detailed information, for example information about problems the person has or what he/she wants to achieve thanks to Mandala. The abovementioned information allows identifying a person’s vibrations, mentality – it lets us analyze the personality of the ordering person – thanks to that the power of influence of Mandala becomes more effective. I choose the best layout of figures and colour basing on that information. On a first day of work I create shapes and during the next two I paint appropriate colours.

Materials: The process of creating Mandala is very complicated as it takes a lot of time and energy. I use the best quality materials, that guarantee high quality and durability.

What is Mandala?

Getting Inside: Thanks to Mandala you are able to reach the center of your psyche, your soul and other spheres (the word mandala has its root in Sanskrit and it means: circle, center or center of life) and to exchange this wonderful and intelligent energy.

Meditation: Mandala helps in meditations; the act of looking at it itself has therapeutic and relaxing effect. Mandala like other paintings affects the viewers through its colours and shapes.

Art form: Mandala stands far beyond the art forms known to our culture and it has been used for centuries by Indians, Buddhists, North-American Indians and other cultures. Nowadays, it gains popularity. Mandala is made of glass and it resembles a circular stained glass. The shape is dependent on Mandala’s destination and purpose.

How to order Mandala?

It's easy. Just order by e-mail


Your restoration: Mandala can be used as a natural antidote, as a powerful tool to cure and as a tool used in positive transformation that activates the spheres of consciousness, uncovers new levels of intuition balancing your body and psyche at the same time. It can also be a source of curing energy, which you can always use to regenerate your body and mind. Mandala can strengthen us and others in every sphere of live, too. Mandala aims at your energetic centers, which can be harmonized, purified; their functioning can be cured and their features can be reinforced via Mandalas

Your happiness: Most of us are looking for self-development, happiness, love and dreams fulfillment in our lives. Mandala is this tool to lead us just straightforward to the source of our seeking. If you take Mandala with you on a life trip you will find that richness is in you, you will find peace that is in you regardless of what is happening in your surrounding.

Your harmony: Mandala teaches you that the harmony is reachable even in a time of chaos and challenges. When you sit in front of Mandala and you start gazing at it, your hemispheres and body begin to harmonize automatically. Your nervous system will shift from a stimulation state into relaxation state. And when you move your sight to the center of the picture, you will float to the center of yourself and your feelings. Your meditation attitude and the power of symbols and colours will cure your body and will balance your emotions.

Your protection: The presence of Mandala gives strength to us and our surrounding. Just like a window that provides our homes with light, Mandala is the source of positive vibrations. Mandala makes access to other worlds and it is the exit from them as well. The blessing simply pours in through those artistic light doors. Mandala positioned somewhere at home secures all residents.

Your remedy: Mandala makes it possible to design a magic place in a simple and elegant way. Mandalas strengthen other places at home or at the office as well. Such magic pictures influence in a similar way as Feng Shui remedies. Their radiation will positively alter vibrations of the surrounding.

Your blessing: You can request for strengthening in an intended and specified way, i.e. for your business improvement or for the good of some relationship or simply for gaining some energy.

Your transformation: Mandalas have been treated as an effective tool used to change our consciousness. Regardless of what your spirit way is you take advantages of meditating with Mandala. Its beauty will open and broaden your caution and the symbols included in Mandala can connect you with the spirit guardians who will lead you in a right direction.

Your consciousness development: Mandalas help to develop your consciousness as their symbolic information is with you on different levels and they operate like a key to some codes – they make access to some levels of consciousness that are reachable however we cannot connect with them in every day situations. They are like a gate to our deeper spheres of us and to the world.

How to use? How to gain new power to life?

You should direct your sight at the center of Mandala and stop it there for a few minutes without analyzing the pattern. In such a way you gain energy to life.

Where to hang Mandalas? In order to fully use energetic features of Mandala you should hang it in a place most often used and on a white wall (a white background is important) or alternatively, at the window so that the sunbeams come to a room through Mandala. A silver chain may be useful to hang this great talisman on a wall or at the window.

How to intensify the effect of Mandala? The place of putting Mandala depends on your aims; whether you want to improve only your health (physical and psychical) or you want to broaden your consciousness or strengthen yourself and others. The following are the tips of how to intensify the influence of Mandala:

  • It is important to meditate with Mandala and engage other senses simultaneously.You can add some fragrance through candles, incenses or ethereal oils.

  • You can create an original atmosphere via turning on your favorite meditation or relaxation music.

  • Moreover, you should put on some special clothing – clean, not everyday one, the one that makes you feel unusual and unique.

How to express your wishes? You can express your wish through loud speaking it out, in your thoughts or through prayer. You can pray for your close friends just in the same way.
I set the performance of Mandala individually. I make Mandalas with diameters: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm. The price depends on the diameter and design. Please place your orders by e-mail